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​We help your company achieve its goals, grow and prosper.

We develop solutions and analysis within the scope of strategy, marketing and digital.

​Find a sustainable position of advantage in the market.

​Find new directions for the growth/development of the organization.

​A central concern of the strategy designed for the organization and the main guarantee of obtaining/sustaining its competitive advantage.

​Marketing is one of the most transversal functions of organizations. Combined with communication, it is capable of maintaining relationships with customers and maintaining the relevance of the brand.

​Unavoidable in today's business, it is a presence that is important to care for and nurture as a presence and point of contact.

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​Our approach:

1. Defining the starting point. The "frame of reference" for the consulting mission.

2. Clarify the boundaries and challenges of the environment (current and future) and what skills and resources the organization has (or could develop in the future).

3. Verify the organization's ability to respond effectively to the critical success factors of its strategic space(s) (current or future)

4. Develop a unique product/service offering and find the ideal market for them (or vice versa).

7. Check the coherence between the existing business model and the chosen strategic positioning.

Estratégia - Consultoria


​Our approach:

1. Relevance test

2. Choice of strategy

3. Input mode selection

4. Align the organization

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Interncionalização - Consultoria
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​Our approach:

1. Diagnosis of the organization's innovation process

2. Diagnosis of innovation/strategy compatibility

3. Selection of the Innovation Portfolio

Inovação - Consultoria


​To approach effective consultancy, these are our steps:

  • Know (segmentation, targeting, positioning)

  • Planning (objectives, strategies, actions)

  • Implement (communication, promotion, sales)

  • Monitor (results, KPIs, adjustments)

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Marketing - Consultoria
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In digital we follow the following methodology:

  • Understand (market, competition, target audience)

  • Plan (goals, strategies, channels)

  • Execute (content, media, relationship)

  • Measure (results, KPIs, adjustments)

Digital - Consultoria


​Finding, for the organization, a sustainable position of advantage in the market.


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