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The Imobintel Process

Curious about the way we apply our consulting services?

In our infographic we explain the methodology!

Although none of the services depends entirely on the previous step, the greatest gain in value and competitive advantages are in the application of the various solutions.

You can get to know in more detail each of the areas presented for the success of the real estate investment project.

Imobintel Process - ENG.png


Imagem de avaliação de mercado e de dados


Relevant market and sector information

Good decisions are informed decisions. By systematically gathering and processing information on key industry trends and market developments, we contribute to lower risks and to a greater comfort in decision making. At your request, we also make (and periodically update) targeted research on investment opportunities - so that you do not miss a thing!

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An original, coherent and exempt view for your real estate investment

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive sectors of the Portuguese national economy. Achieving a right and differentiated positioning for each product, is increasingly difficult. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic and strategic business planning techniques, we help you choosing the best positioning possible for your project and to maximize its success in the market. Being independent consultants guarantees that you will receive a completely impartial result, where the only goal is your success and that of your projects.

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Brainstorm para o Sucesso
Imagem de outdoor publicitário


Communicate experiences and products

The Marketing and Communication of the real estate product is more and more a challenge and a necessity for projects that intend to affirm themselves and reach their potential clients effectively.
We do it strategically, coherently and consciously, building on a clear strategy and positioning, working on the basis of SMART goals.
With a broad experience in projects in the real estate sector, and always following the evolution of the knowledge in the field of communication and marketing, we propose you, more than anything else, to develop result-oriented solutions in any market segment you operate.

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Supervision of Critical Success Investment's Factors

In the Strategic Plan, the CSF of your investment were identified and the metrics that will accompany them are taken into account. Some are recurrent in all real estate projects, others quite particular. In any case, our supervision will cover all steps of your investment, from the architectural project to the commercialization. We will be here for you from the beginning to the end!

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Imagem de profissional a realizar o follow up de projecto
Ancora Observatorio Mercado
SVC Obs de Mercado
SVC Diagnóstico e Posicionamento
SVC Mkt + Com
SVC Acomp Investimento
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