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Privacy Policy / Terms of Use

The data controller is Com/Assoc, Unip., Lda , an independent and legal entity.

The COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA respects your preferences regarding the treatment of personal data collected.


This Policy (“Policy”) lets you know how COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA collects and uses your Personal Data, how it may control its use, and describes our practices regarding information collected on other websites, link to or refer to this Policy (such as websites, software applications, social networks and email) as well as offline marketing and sales activities (collectively, “Communication Channels”).

Communication Channels may provide links to other platforms not belonging to the COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA universe. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of such websites, services, social networks or applications before providing your Personal Data.


What data do we collect

We only receive personally identifiable information that is specifically and voluntarily provided by visitors to the COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA website.

The COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA receives limited identifiable information, such as name, address and e-mail address of website visitors.

Generically, identifying information is collected to:

  • Registration for certain areas of the site

  • Request for additional information

  • Distribution of requested reference materials

  • Sending 

  • Or behind the tivities organized under the Disclosure action and promotion of the tivadades


The information demographic is, including sex and profession, is not usually required, it may, however, be submitted when a visitor responds to an application of and MPLOYMENT online.

It is the policy of COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA to limit the collection of information so that it is only sufficient to satisfy visitor requests. Where is requested not mandatory information, the site visitor Web will be notified of the situation at the time of data collection.

Visitors will also be able to send emails via the site. Each message will have the user's name and email address, as well as additional information that you conside re i mportant to include in the message.

Apart from the cases provided by law, it is prohibited the processing of personal data concerning philosophical or political beliefs, party or trade union membership, religious beliefs, private life and ra origin cial or ethnic and T reatment of data relating to health and life including sexual data.

At no time is the collection of sensitive data requested or encouraged. If the user voluntarily provides the COM / ASSOC, UNIP., LDA will not be respons abili ized by their treatment under this policy.

Use of personal data

A user may provide personal information in the following examples:

  • Request for publications

  • Subscription of " Newsletters " or other information / publications

  • Submission of resumes or information on previous works

  • Participation in e-mailing lists or group initiatives

  • Contact our team for additional information


The information obtained by the site is used solely for the purposes reviewed at the time this information is collected. This information is not shared with third parties for other purposes unless otherwise collected at the time of collection. In the event of the need to share this information to other purposes, it is previously requested consent to your ti tular.

The COM / ASSOC, UNIP., LDA develops its best efforts to avoid excessive or irrelevant collection of data. 

Except for the lists of electronic addresses above d penciled itas, the COM / ASSOC, UNIP., LDA will not use the personal information collected on our website for pro move unsolicited marketing activities.



Cookies and file registration

Cookies may be used on some pages of our site. The "cookies" s will small text files located on your hard drive that allow us to provide you a more personalized experience on the website.

Types of Cookies depending on the entity that manages them:

  • Own cookies: A cookie managed by this domain/website.

  • Third-party cookies: A cookie managed by another domain/website.

  • Persistent Cookies: The cookie information is permanently stored on your device.

  • Session Cookies: a cookie information is not stored in permanently on your machine.


The COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA , uses session cookies ("session cookies") and own design cookies ios ("first-party cookies").

Types of cookies depending on their purpose:

  • Technical Cookies: are those that allow Web browsing air través a domain / website using the different options or services, for example, identify the session ace give the restricted areas and carry out the process of a purchase order.

  • Customization Cookies: are those that allow ace der the domain / website with some predefined characteristics in terms of a set of decisions, such as exe mplo the language used.

  • Cookies analysis: are those that allow monitoring and user behavior analysis of web sites to which they are linked. The information collected through such cookies is used, for example, to measure website activity and to create browsing profiles.

  • Advertising cookies: These are cookies that allow you to manage the most efficient way of advertising based on criteria such as the edited content or the frequency with which ads are displayed.

  • Cook ies of behavioral advertising: are those that allow the management of the most effective form of advertising space. These c Ooki es store information on user behavior obtained through continuous observation of their habits navigation, allowing develop a specific profile to display ads based on this.



COM/ASSOC, UNIP, LDA uses Cookie Analogue wisely; You may use certain promotional actions, Personalization Cookies, Technical Cookies or Behavioral Advertising Cookies. Does not use advertising cookies.

Information regarding cookies is controlled and accessed by the owner of the website.

According to the information provided above, as a user you are expressly consenting to the use of the cookies referred to for the purposes provided for each of them.

Specific information about the third-party cookies Google Analyt ics can be obtained at the address https: //developers.go and the AddThis service through the address http: // www / privacy


We are not responsible for the content and accuracy of terms and terms of use, privacy policies and third-party cookies policy referred to earlier.

You can get more information by visiting or

You can set your browser to not accept cookies and websites previously explain you how to remove them. However, failure to accept cookies may result in the incorrect execution of some features of the website.

None of the cookies used is essential for the use of the website for a function in particular or to improve the website performance.

The use of cookies by COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA , aims to analyze the use of the website and allow you to have a smooth browsing experience; At no time do we collect Personal Data through cookies.

Cookies will not be used for any other purpose than those mentioned in the previous point.

Third party

 It is COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA policy to disclose information to third parties only in the following circumstances:

  • When required by law by court order, search warrant or other permissible legal procedure

  • When explicitly requested by the holder

  • When required for delivery of publications or reference materials required by the holder

  • When n ECES sary for conferences or events created by others requested by the holder


The Web sites of COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA do not keep or collect personally identifiable information for purposes of div ulgação or sale to third parties with Proposition marketing to the consumer or sending emails on behalf of others.


The Imobintel website is hosted on the platform. provides the online platform that enables us to introduce our products and services . Your data can be stored through's data storage, databases and general applications. They store their data on servers safe behind a the "firewall".


Third Party Links

When you access other websites, COM / ASSOC, UNIP., LDA privacy practices and policies no longer apply. Advise visitors to review all site privacy policies before providing any personally identifiable information.


Data storage

There is information we receive that is not stored. For example, as a rule, we do not store email addresses we receive for newsletters or advertising. Visitors' contacts (such as information taken from the log of access to certain areas on the site) will be stored for as long as it takes to respond to requests or until a user requests that this information be deleted. Email list, comment box, and email information is stored for a reasonable period of time only to facilitate visitor requests. S o I shall elimi nation of curricula when they are no longer under consideration, or are considered outdated by our Human Resources department.

It is our policy not to require visitors to register to gain access to areas of the COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA websites .

Personally identifiable information provided to COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA through its website is provided voluntarily by visitors. If you wish to unsubscribe from mailing lists or any registrations, the instructions are in the appropriate area of ​​the website or in communications to our visitors.


All visitors have the right to change the personal data they have submitted through the websites of COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA

User information updates should be done backwards in the registration process. All questions about the pre - identifying information accuracy submitted to COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA via their Web site, or requests to remove information desatualiz ada, should be directed to geral@ , or in the case of the site of Imobintel, also could be asked to

The COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA is compromised to provide adequate access to visitors to allow them the opportunity to identify and correct any inaccuracies. When so requested, the COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA will eliminate identifying information of current systems.

Whenever COM/ASSOC, UNIP., L DA keeps identification information, it assumes the responsibility to keep a strict record of that information once submitted by the visitor and after verification of the data by the visitor . However, COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA is not responsible for verifying the continued accuracy of the content of personal information. Wherever possible, if COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA becomes aware that certain information collected through the website is no longer accurate, COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA will make the corrections based on the update. provided by the authenticated visitor.


The COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA has implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction .

Only authorized employees of COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA have access to personal data, and these are also bound by the duty es of secrecy and confidentiality.

Minor Users

The site of COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA is not intended for utilization will by minors. It is not political, nor intention of COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA to proceed with the collection and treatment of minor intentional personal data.


The COM/ASSOC, UNIP., LDA reserves the right to modify or amend this statement in anyway hether time, so it is advisable to consult the same with some frequency.​

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