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IMOBINTEL provides a set of strategic services for the investor / property developer.

Our approach brings you three major advantages:

About us.


We introduce an external vision in your projects. We break the organization's internal thinking vices and more easily introduce new ideas.

Looking Out of a Skyscraper


Our methods are based on the best international practices of diagnosis, planning and business supervision, bringing a clear and coherent vision to your investment.

Representative image of strategic practices at various levels.


We are independent consultants.

We are not associated with any real estate agency (we are not commission agents and we do not raise properties). We do not belong to any economic group with interests in the sector.

The works we develop are professional, original, coherent and exempt. They have a single objective: the success of our clients' investments.

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  • What does IMOBINTEL do?
    Imobintel provides training solutions for companies' needs, through certified trainers. Imobintel is a strategic and operational consultancy that advises managers on the strategy and marketing of their projects. One of the distinguishing factors is maintaining an exemption, ensuring that its analyses reflect and are oriented towards the needs and objectives of the client, investor, manager, or with other functions, and who seek us. It is not a training entity certified by DGERT.
  • What are Imobintel's areas of activity?
    Imobintel provides training in areas such as strategy, marketing and digital. Its training proposal is oriented towards the legal needs, or development, of the organizations' staff. Imobintel also operates in the areas of strategic and operational consultancy, as well as in areas related to marketing and communication. We assess the state of current market drivers and identify the next ones We study the best strategic positioning for each investor and/or for each business project. We assist in finding investment targets in accordance with the outlined strategy. We promote/publicize projects to optimize your presence in the market. We monitor each investment from start to finish (critical success points)
  • What can I get with the help of Imobintel?
    As part of our mission and area of activity, you will be able to obtain strategic and communication clarification regarding action in your business project. We will help clarify the options that may be most relevant for the development of a successful project and investment. We will be able to monitor all phases of project development, after developing the strategic analysis and defining the relevant guidelines. We collaborate and develop the project's promotion and communication solutions, namely with the creation of a 360º marketing and communication strategy that responds to the factors identified in the defined strategy. Monitoring the different phases of the project will ensure that it will always correspond, particularly in the launch and development phase, to the strategic axes and positioning identified.
  • Does Imobintel, in its consultancy activity, present solutions/recommendations with guidance for the development of certain projects?
    The primary objective of Imobintel's activity is to develop strategic analysis regarding investment or business development. From this perspective, it presents analyses at the level of the market, competition, trends (which can be social, economic, competitive, etc.). The solutions developed have two perspectives in terms of solutions: the investor in the market, without guidance in terms of type of investment, location or any other strategic definition (he is close to the financial investor); investment analysis and evaluation when related to a pre-existing project and oriented towards optimization scenarios and its development.
  • Is Imobintel a training entity?
    No. Imobintel, despite monitoring, if hired for this purpose, to define the Training Plan, is not certified as a training entity. The activity of a training entity requires a license granted by DGERT (Directorate-General for Employment and Labor Relations). The training provided is, however, developed by trainers certified by the IEFP, and with practical experience in their area of training.
  • Can I purchase part of the solutions that Imobintel presents?
    Imobintel's operations have several areas of intervention and all of them can be contracted individually: Training Market Observatory Diagnosis and strategic positioning Marketing Promotion and digital activities Investment follow-up More information about each of these solutions in the "Services" tab.
  • What will monitoring of the training phases include?
    It may include the monitoring and development of the training offer and development of Training Plans, so that they fit into the strategic objectives and existing needs. Provides training at the organization's facilities, namely in compliance with existing legal requirements, or to meet the training needs that employees have, in the sphere of their area of activity. It may include monitoring the implementation phases, to ensure compliance with deadlines and solutions as previously designed and identified. Imobintel can intervene as a guarantor of the development and fulfillment of solutions, particularly with regard to the launch and promotion of the project it is developing/monitoring. Can develop and operationalize all phases of development and promotion of the project, according to the needs identified in the marketing and communication strategy carried out. Other monitoring phases can be carried out according to the entity's needs and interests.
  • Is Imobintel an advertising/communications agency?
    No. However, it is based on an agency that can facilitate the development of projects in this area. You can learn more about this brand at Comunicadores & Associados. In your consultancy activity in the area of Marketing and Communication, this is an area covered, guiding solutions for the brand, product, or organization. Our consultancy in the Digital area may be considered for the development of recommendations in this regard if this is contracted as part of your collaboration.
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