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Green Real Estate = Sustainability!

Sustainability is a term we find associated with all areas these days.

Mainly related to greener solutions and the need to act in favour of the environment and reduce our footprint on the planet, it has also been applied to real estate, particularly in the development phases of projects.

The construction of more efficient solutions from this perspective will generate greater value for everyone in the different stages of development.

It will maximize its value as an "environmentally friendly" asset as well as a financial asset.

Studies already carried out also demonstrate that the investment in implementing this type of solutions has a cost less than the benefits, both environmental and at the time of their commercialization (for example, the one developed by JLL and referenced in the article on Vida Imobiliária which you can see here).

In addition to possible losses in tax and approval terms, the effects on customers and their perception of the value of properties, given the solutions that are valued, particularly by some generational groups, demonstrate the need to implement and face all this type of solutions as capital gains for long-term investment.

The "#European Green Deal" came to increase and value these options and the European directive related to this activity came to highlight the need for everyone involved to gain the perception of their need and the added value associated with the implementation of sustainable solutions that will value new and environmentally friendly buildings, given the options that choose to ignore these solutions.

It is increasingly relevant for all phases of development of real estate investment projects, from new development to rehabilitation projects, the incorporation and enhancement of these investments with the consideration of sustainability solutions in all phases of their development.

Are we going to make national real estate "greener"?

What is your opinion?

If you wish to develop an analysis and projection for your investment, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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