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The real estate market is still boiling!

And back from the summer season, the news continues to report a market in full swing.

Growth of investment, particularly abroad, increase in the number of building permits, rising construction costs, growing number of acquisitions and housing loans...

In other words, an entire activity in the throes.

Growth in some indicators is already at pre-pandemic levels and one or the other at 2017 levels.

In conclusion, it has been a resilient sector in the face of an event like the pandemic that continues to affect everyone, all over the world, despite the apparent stability of our country.

The growth of the sector and the behavior of consumers, which regarding this offer remains to be truly understood, nevertheless leave many questions unanswered.

Particularly in times of anticipation regarding the end of the moratoriums, and the evolution of the country's economic situation, which, despite apparently positive signs, is still far from asserting itself as stable and prolific (many were bankruptcies and losses during the course of the pandemic , even though unemployment numbers may seem an encouraging indicator).

But is this the moment when the housing problem starts to find solutions, and cities that find themselves with the biggest problems in this area (such as Porto and Lisbon) see solutions to respond to the needs of their inhabitants and a pushed middle class to the peripheries?

What responses will the "new" local officials bring?

And will the reduction of bureaucracy and the long periods of licensing and waiting be resolved?

What are your opinions?

Are we in a time of change or a return to the "business as usual" "normality" that we already had before?

Knowing our market and what is happening with its players is one of the ways to develop solutions and winning strategies.

Sharing information only makes us stronger, as does cooperation.

Share your opinion and we'll create knowledge, which in turbulent times is what can give us the edge we all need.

Aligns? So share your opinion!

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