Porto Remains on of the Best Cities to Invest....

Despite all the obstacles and bureaucracy involved in the development of real estate projects, the city of Porto (Portugal) remains one of the best places to invest.

Despite of the turmoil caused by the epidemic of the Covid19 (Coronavirus) and all the impacts it may still have in the economic outlooks for this year all around the world, the prospectives and potential still place this city, and all its needs in housing in the different forms it can be developed, are still a place to consider in the European market.

The return on the investment is still one of the major attractiveness for this market, with a lot of areas to invest. Prices on the rise and more foreigner investors in this market show that it is a place where all investments may get a better return.

The reports mentioned in this article from Dinheiro Vivo, demonstrate a progressive spread throughout the city in recovering properties or developing new buildings.

We also see a major investment in offices and related developments, with rising interest from foreign companies in the quality of life and the potential of human resources, namely in the technological sector.

And what is your opinion?

How do see this market and what are the key investments that are getting your attention throughout the city?

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Apesar de todos os obstáculos e burocracia envolvidos no desenvolvimento de empreendimentos imobiliários, a cidade do Porto (Portugal) continua a ser um dos melhores locais para investir em imobiliária.

Apesar da turbulência causada pela epidemia de Covid19 (Coronavirus) e de todos os impactos que ela ainda possa ter nas perspectivas económicas para este ano em todo o mundo, as perspectivas e o potencial ainda colocam essa cidade e todas as suas necessidades de habitação, e as diferentes formas que podem ser desenvolvidas um local a considerar no mercado europeu.