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Does real estate need consulting? And training?

As in any competitive market, and sometimes saturated, information is irreplaceable and is even worth gold.

Betting on strategy and planning, as well as marketing today, are ways to gain a competitive advantage from the competition, as well as being closer to what the potential customer is looking for.

Is real estate different?

We see, nowadays, many formations for the sector agents to "gain" competitive advantages in areas such as social networks or property disclosure.

But do these issues replace the need to define strategies and knowledge of the market and consumers in particular?

For some reason, the large companies in the area invest, and even make available, information about these markets and their evolution.

And when do you need strategy, planning or marketing for your business?

And do you need training in these areas?

Many questions, and although our opinion may appear to be "suspicious", a little online survey will provide many answers. Namely for the amount of proposals and solutions that are found, namely in the form of studies and analyzes that can be useful to understand the evolution of a competitive market and that is in evolution (regardless of the reasons).

As well as the volume of opinion articles, blogs and other repositories, which are made available on a daily basis.

Despite the value and relevance of all this information, will it apply in the same way to your business, project or investment.

As Portugal is a country made up almost entirely of small and medium-sized companies, it is known that they do not have the capacity to invest in staff with all these skills, so creating a culture based on this knowledge will always be a benefit, in addition to a added value.

In this text, more than talking about the importance and added value of these areas, or even about what they should address, we focus on the question: does it also need training in strategy and planning or marketing?

Wouldn't it be helpful to better understand your surroundings and how it is affecting the way your business is developing?

Understand if this investment, in that format and orientation, are the most correct ones or the ones with the best returns?

And what are potential customers looking for? Or what is the best way to reach them and create contact with them?

Training must be an investment in knowledge. How to prepare teams for action and the future.

Preparing companies and investments for the market, which is volatile and changeable to the whims of the economy, generations and policies, is an asset.

Create brands of experience and empower companies' future plans.

So our most important question will be: "do you need training in your company, project, investment; in these areas that enhance choices and future plans?"

Leave us your opinion, or your impressions on this topic.

We are evaluating the relevance of training in these areas for companies in the real estate sector, and we are counting on your cooperation and opinion!

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