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Strategic Solutions in Real Estate Investment

Investing, no matter the business, has become a specialized activity based on professional analysis and the use of credible data and information.

It is no longer an activity based on instincts and "knowledge" based on "daily experience".

With the need to diversify investment areas, especially with recent financial market developments and the impact of a pandemic, investing in an asset requires knowledge beyond the strengths of a particular asset.

Low interest rates and lower profitability in some markets (e.g. financials) have meant that other sectors, such as real estate and new companies/products, investors and funds are all but a few years away from these scenarios.

However, in order to support and accompany these activities, it is necessary to turn to those who can develop unbiased and independent analyzes and evaluations that help in the decision-making process.

For this reason, Imobintel presents itself to the market from the first moment as a solution in terms of strategic advice and marketing services for companies and investors, especially those operating in the real estate sector.

As the company is not involved in real estate transactions on either the supply or demand side, it reinforced its exceptional position in the range of services it developed for these market segments.

But in many cases, entrepreneurs view these services with some disdain, not giving them due value or added value. They do not see them as an added advantage or as an aid to making an informed decision.

In some cases, with the realization that foreign or larger investors do not waive this type of analysis and valuation, they develop some curiosity but with hesitation in using or applying them.

Most are apprehensive, thinking "if it has always worked without this investment" (or cost as most would call it), why now reduce margin and increase expenses.

When market demand is greater than supply, all that matters is having a product, right?

Will it be?

If so, why would larger investors and multinationals, especially those that broker businesses, invest resources and time in this type of support?

Why is it useless?

Let's take a look at the situation.

Those investing capital in projects, such as real estate, need to consider that these analyzes and valuations can, for example, provide useful information when deciding on the type of investment or ways to increase the return on that investment. Or even help shorten the time to achieve a return on investment.

These are some of the purposes for which strategic analysis, regardless of its object of analysis, should provide information and solutions.

Strategic analysis and evaluation for this type of product and sector, which includes the contribution of marketing, meets scientific objectives and maximizes business goals.

If based on the exemption and independence from the object under study.

More than studies of larger or smaller scale, in the style we are used to seeing in the news, when conducted to respond to the analysis needs of organizations, they improve their results (both in time and value) and clarify factors at the level of decision making.

The methods and formulations have been developed by professionals and academics around the world, especially in countries where the culture of usefulness of this type of knowledge is more rooted, such as Anglo-Saxons or Francophones.

And to a large extent, they have already proven their usefulness and reliability when properly executed and correctly implemented.

Surely many of us remember the famous "Porter Report". As well as its conclusions, and that has run a lot of ink (as well as investment value).

Going back decades, the only thing we seem to have to regret is not acting on that information and advice.

History and time have confirmed to us that their conclusions were ones we should have followed and acted on immediately, rather than waiting for the confirmations that the markets provide.

We would have suffered less from the effects and probably less from the financial and social costs of the subsequent crises, and we would all have had more financial benefit.

This argument, provided by our recent history, helps to underpin the usefulness of market analysis and assessment, and to enhance and rationalize the "a priori" investment opportunities that can be achieved through the use of these tools.

Growing markets (and the development of associated products) can also benefit from the usefulness and added value of analyzing scenarios in light of these methods and tools.

So, against this backdrop, what does Imobintel want to achieve and offer within the framework of its services and field of activity?

What added value can strategy and management consulting or marketing strategy (and here it is better not to assign it only to the field of communication and advertising) bring to real estate investment?

How can benefit those who have ventured or intend to develop activities such as investors, developers or builders of real estate offers?

Even if you are only a financial investor in this market.

Imobintel, with the projects already developed, has created a support methodology and a series of action areas to help in the analysis and decision-making, following the references that any company or investor has for this market.

The core of the developed work is the strategy and market analysis for the framework of the investment to be made or developed.

A macro and micro framework, in different plans and variables that in one way or another can influence or affect the development of the investment.

This analysis, which reviews aspects and factors that may influence the market or product (whether from an economic, social, technological or other point of view), allows the development of frames of reference and possibilities that guide the options to be taken and developed.

Regardless of the direction or option identified.

Imobintel's exemption, regardless of the case or scenario, gives you the opportunity that other players sometimes do not have or do not exercise, to advise your client on the most appropriate option (according to the strategic options defined a priori), regardless of other factors or interests at stake.

The only relevant outcome is consistency, correctness and the best business solution, regardless of third parties or other scenarios that may arise from your involvement and intervention.

With a business and profitability potential for a given work project, Imobintel presents a range of complementary services that will help to ensure that the recommended results produce the desired outcomes and achieve their objectives.

Of course, all of these options are neither interdependent nor mutually exclusive.

And they may even be applicable in some cases, not necessarily in other projects.

What is relevant is the development of a comprehensive analysis that serves as the basis for developing an entire course of action. The first step.

If the client recognises the need to monitor and/or develop his project according to the defined options, he can expect the following additions to his investment:

1. the diagnosis and strategic positioning;

2. the planning and implementation of communication and marketing actions;

3. monitoring of the investment - monitoring of critical success factors.

(4) For more information on these activities, see this page.

In short, the activity of monitoring and developing investment options can and should be a benefit to anyone willing to invest their money in a project, be it real estate or anything else.

The evaluation of that project should always be done with the exemption and objectivity of those focused on getting the best and most beneficial return for their client, and always with data and information that supports and backs up the options.

With the use of tools and technologies that provide a clear answer to the needs presented.

Many options and "doors" can be put in front of the investor, but few will have the answer that fits their goals.

Whoever sells you something will have the most impartial and objective view of the market and the other variables, or will you have myopia and entropy about the investment object?

Always go for solutions that are free and "disinterested" in the opportunities and developments that projects can trigger.

Complementary or parallel interests are one of the biggest risks to the progress of any investment with a future.

This is the first and most important strategic solution for investments.

(in future posts we will continue with the analysis of what could be the scenarios or strategic options for the investment).


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